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Women in Tech

Counseling or Career Coaching for women working in technology. 

Find the Work Meant for You

Build a Strategy to Get There

Start a New Career

Finding a new job or changing career paths can feel overwhelming. You might not know how to get where you want to go, but the one thing you DO know right now...  
your current job isn't cutting it anymore. 

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Are you ready
for a change?

Maybe you're...

  • Ready for a promotion, want to change roles or switch to a new company​ (and need a strategy!)

  • Curious about changing your career field (but don't yet know how!)

  • Don't feel you're reaching your potential (and wonder how to make that happen?)

  • Dread the work week and feel burnt out, stressed, overwhelmed, or consistently overworked (and need a better solution than just "powering through")

  • Tired of navigating a toxic workplace or boss (and want to feel appreciated, valued, and happy!)

You shouldn't have to spend your life feeling unhappy or settling for less in your work life. 

Figure out where you want to go with your career

Learn job strategies and techniques that make the difference and help you get the results you're looking for

Stop feeling confused and effectively move forward

I'm Whitney Russell

I'm a career coach who is passionate about helping people find work they're excited about. In working with clients over the past 10 years, I've seen the stress and unhappiness that can come from feeling stuck in their career. I love helping professionals learn better strategies for moving forward in their vocational life.


The average person spends more hours at work than they do with their loved ones. That's a lot of life spent doing something they may not love!


I believe you have too much to add to the world for your work-life to be below-average, or not what you want it to be. You shouldn't have to feel like you're spending your time settling!


What Clients Say

"I literally cannot recommend Whitney enough for career coaching. She is insightful, kind, and helps quiet the noise around reaching your goals. Working with her is the best time and money I’ve spent on a LONG time. I’m so glad to have found her!"

Getting Started is Easy


Message Me Today

Message me and we'll schedule

a time to meet and talk online

over Zoom


Chat & Create a Plan

Together we’ll talk through what the process could look like for you to accomplish your goals


Put Strategy into Action

We'll set a regular time to meet, talk through your career obstacles & create a individualized strategy

Career coaching helps you figure out your career goals and then guides you on how to get there. I help you to find work you love and are good at!

I use a blend of assessments, questions and exercises that get to the heart of who you are, and help you learn strategy and career psychology. We'll narrow down options that fit with your strengths, create a plan of action for your resume, LinkedIn, networking, job applications, interviewing, negotiating, and more.

Together we'll create an individualized plan based on your particular situation, personality, and career strengths (and weaknesses) and make sure you have an approach that gets results. 

What exactly is Career Coaching?
Signs you're ready for a change
If you're saying any of these things to yourself, you're likely trying to keep a job that's NOT working...
  • “I just need to focus and get more self discipline”

  • “I just need to find a way to get better at my job” 

  • “If I leave, I’ll be seen as flaky or a job hopper”

  • “I just need to get my bad attitude in check”

  • “I just need to be perfect and then it will all get better” 

  • “I just need to get over my anxiety”

  • “I just need to push through for another few years"

Maybe you’ve tried these "make-do" tactics and found they aren't working. What you might need now is to find a career that you love.


Coming Soon...

Take the Quiz and find out if Career Coaching is for you!

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