Hi, I'm Whitney!

There is nothing more compelling to me than sparking hope and seeing real change happen for people. It is my privilege to bring compassion and understanding to the most tender spaces of people's lives. I have always been a person that has asked deep questions about life - "What is life about and why is it often so difficult?" It's through my own experience in counseling as well as this love of authenticity and depth that eventually turned into a passion for helping people overcome their life obstacles. 


I've professionally counseled individuals, couples, and families since 2011. Prior to that I had a career in Communications and worked in my free time with young adults in various mentoring settings.

Everyone is nervous when trying something new, but I'm here to help so you don't have to figure it out by yourself. I'd love to provide a space that feels energizing and supportive as we meet together to bring more LIFE to your everyday reality.


I frequently work with clients on the following issues:

  • Anxiety, stress, or overwhelm

  • Depression

  • Anger

  • Feeling stuck in life and not accomplishing your goals
    and dreams

  • Feeling stuck in a job, or work burnout

  • Figuring out what to do with your life

  • Loneliness or isolation

  • Self-esteem and self-worth

  • Grief or loss of a relationship

  • Friendship problems

  • Romantic relationship problems or singleness

  • Dealing with a difficult family member or other tough family dynamics

  • Past hurtful experiences and trauma

  • Childhood trauma

  • Spirituality

  • Religious / Faith Deconstruction

  • Spiritual abuse

What is my counseling approach?


I believe we all came into this world with the important core needs of being fully loved and fully safe. Because the world is a broken place (and the people around us are flawed), we've all been disappointed, wounded, or hurt in one way or another. Our earliest experiences and relationships have shaped us, how we think of ourselves, how we relate to other people, and our understanding of the world. In our time together we'll address deep issues of shame, heart-ache, self-hatred, anger, fear, and other themes that may be affecting your current life.

My approach to counseling has been influenced by Dan Allender, Sue Johnson, and Bessel van der Kolk, to name a few. I use a diversified approach that weaves together deep therapeutic work and practical interventions so clients can receive long-term healing and get help today. I also use body-centered techniques like EMDR and other mind-body protocols.

My Qualifications


  • Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, 2013

  • 8+ Years of Experience

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), State of Colorado

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), State of Texas

  • National Certified Counselor (NCC), National Board for Certified Counselors

  • Professional Coach, CoActive Training Institute

  • EMDR trained & qualified

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy trained

  • Allender Center Advanced Trauma Certificate

  • Advanced Certified Human Behavior Consultant

Professional Affiliations

  • International Coaching Federation

  • American Counseling Association

  • National Board for Certified Counselors

Dabbling in fly fishing and catching the tiniest fish you've ever seen! >>>

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More (Interesting) Things About Me

I'm from Dallas, Texas and so, of course, can't turn down a good chips and salsa/guac/queso combo (but I mean...who can?). I'm an INFJ (if you speak the language of personality tests). I live for deep conversations, authenticity, and a good book.

​Things I Love:

  • I'm a huge fan of the mountains (I lived in Denver & Colorado Springs for a combined 10 years). All manner of hiking, camping, and mountain activities are a "yes!" 

  • Fresh, dark roasted coffee

  • Farmers markets (so many interesting sights and sounds)

  • Traveling (anywhere, it's the experience, not necessarily the destination)

  • Being with friends and family

  • Learning new skills - currently learning to watercolor :)

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  • Books: The Power of Moments, An Alter in this World, Bird by Bird, Salt Fat Acid Heat

  • TV: West Wing, Parks and Rec, Stephen Colbert 

  • Movies: Pride & Prejudice, Gladiator, Notting Hill, The Count of Monte Cristo​ ("oldies" but goodies)

​Things I Don't Love:

  • Morning Radio DJ's (more music, less talking, please!)

  • ​Liquorice

  • Instant Coffee (don't also be fooled by those Starbucks brand VIA packets...I've learned they still taste like Folgers!)

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Professional Certifications & Trainings

Professional Co-Active Coach Certificate
National Certified Counselor
Licensed Counselor in the state of Texas
American Counseling Association Member
EMDR Trained & Qualified
Licensed Counselor in the state of Colorado
International Coaching Federation Member
Advanced Certified Human
Behavior Consultant
Advanced Trauma Care Certificate
Emotionally Focused Relationship Therapy