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Top online psychotherapy in Colorado, Texas, New Mexico

Experience more emotional peace, overcome personal challenges, and meaningful connection with the people who matter most.

Psychotherapy / Counseling

Feel Seen, Heard, and Supported

Gain Hope, Perspective, and Healing

Live with More Life and Freedom

Sometimes life doesn't go as planned. It hurts. 

Therapy can help you make sense of why life isn't working and how you got where you are. Get healing, gain hope, and discover what you can do to help change direction.

Online therapy to improve your relationships

Are you looking
for more life?

Likely, no one taught you how to understand your own life, or what to do with anger, grief, or pain. What to do with setbacks, lack of confidence, loneliness, or how to get yourself out of a difficult situation you feel stuck in.

What would it be like if you had the tools you need to feel peace, confidence, and a sense of purpose in your life and relationships?


Counseling can save you years of unproductive, wasted time of being stuck in the same place of emotional hurt and frustration with life. How much is that worth to you?

Are you ready to experience meaningful change in your life?

Therapy can help you heal from trauma, loss, challenging life circumstances, difficult relationships, abuse, or mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and more.

online anxiety relief
Counseling Services Online

What types of things do people discuss in therapy?

  • Anxiety, stress, or overwhelm

  • Depression

  • Anger

  • Feeling stuck, not accomplishing your goals or dreams

  • Loneliness or isolation

  • Self-esteem and self-worth

  • Grief or loss of a relationship

  • Friendship problems

  • Romantic relationship problems or singleness

  • Dealing with a difficult family member or other tough family dynamics

  • Past hurtful experiences and trauma

  • Childhood trauma

  • Religious Deconstruction or Spiritual Abuse

  • Miscarriage / Abortion

I'm Whitney,

I’m a counselor who helps people heal and find new solutions. Whether this is your first time into counseling (or your umpteenth time), I want to welcome you!


Deciding it's time to seek counseling can take courage. Therapy can help you find a deeper sense of self-esteem and purpose. It can help transform how you show up in life.

Whitney Russell, Licensed Professional Counselor and Career Guidance Coach
What clients are saying

"Your kind and calming presence was an anchor during some of my most tumultuous life circumstances. Thank you for guiding me on this healing journey. I am a better person because of it...because of you."

- Former client

"I am overwhelmingly grateful when I realize how far I have come in the way I relate to the world, to the people in my life, and to myself.  THANK YOU for helping me navigate my thoughts and break through my unwanted patterns. I know it is a lifelong process, but right now I am really enjoying this life, this stage, and knowing who I am and where I am going."

- Former client

These are a few of the unsolicited, kind words clients have shared with me

(used with permission)

"I have loved every session with you, and I’m so grateful for your attention and care for me. You are truly irreplaceable Whitney. I have grateful tears thinking about my time with you and how much courage you’ve helped me see in myself."

- Former client

Psychotherapy for online

Getting Started is Easy


Message Me Today

Message me and we'll schedule

a time to meet and talk online

over Zoom


Chat & Create a Plan

Together we’ll talk through what the process could look like for you to accomplish your goals


Put Strategy into Action

We'll set a regular time to meet, talk, and walk through your current career obstacles

Counseling isn’t only for those who are hurting, but also for those who need to find a different solution to how things are currently going.

How much time, effort, or money is spent to numb or check out of your life? Whether it’s general busyness, relationships, substances, work, or online and social media scrolling?


We spend so much time purposely not feeling life and not deeply connecting to others.


Together we can help you reconnect to yourself and rediscover who you’re meant to be. You’ll gain new wisdom that changes where your life will go from here.


If you’re ready, I’m ready!

What exactly is Therapy?

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