Counseling & coaching to help you create a life that feels more wholehearted, peaceful, and inspired!

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I help people who seem to have it all together actually feel that way.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Often feel tense, stressed or anxious

  • Struggle with anger and frustration

  • Overly-high standards or perfectionistic tendencies

  • Frequent feelings of self-doubt

  • Have a difficult time moving the needle forward on your goals

  • Feel hurt by past negative experiences

  • Struggle with communication in your relationships

If you answered "yes" to any of these, don't worry, you're not alone! Men and women tell me they want their life to feel wholehearted, authentic, and peaceful. They want to be connected to others, have purpose, joy, creativity, and adventure. But they struggle to experience any of these things!

If this is you, I believe you deserve a life that feels just as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

Can Counseling or Coaching Help Me?

Many of my clients report that their lives change so significantly through their work with me that family and friends have been stunned and asked what in the world happened to them! 


What changes for them?

They say through coaching they are able to be more authentic, peaceful, and better at intimacy in their relationships. They begin having the confidence to pursue things that scared them before (authoring a book, taking a class, or switching careers). They feel less anxious, more self-assured, and clearer about where they are headed. They get unstuck.

Maybe you've thought you can fix your problems by yourself, but you're having a difficult time actually making progress.


The issue isn’t that you aren’t smart enough or capable enough, it's that you can’t do this type of transformation alone! No one can make big changes in their lives by themselves - we all need other people to help us.

What is it worth to experience freedom?

  • Live with more peace and less stress

  • Have better relationships and connect easier with the people you love

  • Have healthy ways of coping with your emotions

  • Be free from painful memories of events from your past

  • Feel confident and worthy of all that life has to offer


It it worth it? Yes, it is!

I'm Whitney Russell

I'm a counselor and international coach and my passion is helping individuals, couples, and families find real healing, hope, and transformation. People describe me as candid, authentic, and insightful. They say I'm warm and easy to connect with. I have a knack for making the process of counseling feel *not* scary. I believe I can help you create a life that feels more wholehearted, confident, and inspired!

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"Your kind and calming presence was an anchor during some of my most tumultuous life circumstances. Thank you for guiding me on this healing journey. I am a better person because of it...because of you."

- past client

"I have loved every session with you, and I’m so grateful for your attention and care for me. You are truly irreplaceable Whitney. I have grateful tears thinking about my time with you and how much courage you’ve helped me see in myself."

- past client

"The self-awareness I've gained has already far surpassed what I imagined. Wish I would have reached out to you much sooner but also grateful I finally did

- past client

What Clients Are Saying

These are a few of the unsolicited, kind words clients have shared with me

(used with permission)

My Services

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Anxiety &



Break free to create a life that feels more wholehearted and inspired!

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Change direction in your career or learn ways to maximize where you are!

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Finally fulfill your promises to yourself

and reach your goals!

What is Counseling Like?

Counseling is a little bit like meeting a close friend for coffee (having a friendly, comforting, and great conversation) PLUS a little bit like talking to a professional who knows a lot about how people tick and how to make things better. 


Here's the part that makes this different than just meeting with a friend... 

We'll work together to build a new understanding about your life experience and about who you are. We all have a really difficult time understanding our own lives. Deep healing happens when we talk to someone with a compassionate and objective point of view who is rooting for you (and who knows a lot about the human experience). We'll begin to put the puzzle pieces together about things that haven't made sense before now and discover how to move forward!

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My passion is helping men and women find healing and wholehearted living...


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Read a few of the kind words clients have shared with me...

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