Here are a few of the unsolicited, kind words clients have shared with me
(used with permission)

"Your kind and calming presence was an anchor during some of my most tumultuous life circumstances. Thank you for guiding me on this healing journey. I am a better person because of it...because of you."

- 27-year-old female professional

"I have loved every session with you, and I’m so grateful for your attention and care for me. You are truly irreplaceable Whitney. I have grateful tears thinking about my time with you and how much courage you’ve helped me see in myself."

- 41-year-old working mom/entrepreneur

"I am blessed and encouraged in my conversations with you. You're able to ask the right questions to help me open up (something very difficult for me to do)!"

- 37-year-old stay-at-home mom

"The self awareness I’ve gained has already far surpassed what I imagined. Wish I would have reached out to you much sooner but also grateful I finally did."

- 31-year-old male veteran

"You are the best counselor I've ever had!"

- 22-year-old female college student

"More than probably anyone I've ever met you seem to "get" me. Thanks for being a great counselor with a genuine desire to help people!"

- 35-year-old male in nonprofit work

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